The new All Loft Conversions websiteDesigner Henry Hyde first created a website for us a long time ago—we think it was back in 2005, in fact! Well, times change, and whilst we have done our best to update and bolt new bits onto the old version for a decade, the time has come for a complete revamp.

This is even more important because most people use their mobile devices to view websites nowadays, tapping on their iPhones and iPads on the bus, on the train or sitting in coffee shops. And we were embarrassed to admit that our old site just didn’t work as well on a tiny hand-held screen as it needed to.

Because of the way Google works, it was also important for us to be able to make quick and simple updates to the site on a regular basis, and so Henry advised us that a blog-based site (this one uses WordPress) was a much better bet. WordPress sites work using ‘themes’, and this one (Interface Pro) comes ready for mobile devices straight out of the box.

We hope you like the new site and find it easy to get to the information you need. We welcome any feedback – just email us using the links at the top and bottom of the screens.