Identify roof type

Different Types of Roof for Loft Conversions


Together with the other information on this site, we hope that this brief guide will give you some idea of the types of roofs typically found and just a few examples of loft conversion possibilities.

Complex dormers with pitched roofs and gable ends on a hipped roof.

Dormer on a hipped roof with half gable end.

Flat roof dormers – one on a hipped roof, the other with a gable end.

A barn end gable and two Veluxes.

Double flat roof dormer with a new gable end.

Flat roof dormer on a four-hipped roof.

Large flat roof dormers running the full length of a property.

Large rear flat roof dormer on a gable-ended property.

A series of pitched mini-dormers on a gable-ended property.

Mini pitched dormers on a period property.

Flat roof dormer on a hip roofed property.

A new gable end and Velux window on a hip roofed semi-detached property.

A new gable end.

Eyebrow window on a barn-end roof.

Simple Veluxes in a gable-ended roof.

Small central dormer on a four-hipped roof.

Small dormer, with Veluxes and a balcony on a gable-ended property.

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