loft conversion in Brighton and Hove

Choosing a Loft Conversion Company

If you’ve already been looking around for companies to carry out your loft conversion, you may already be familiar with this scenario. Remember, this applies to any form of building work you commission for your home or business premises, not just a loft conversion.

You find a company in the Yellow Pages with a big ad. You call them, and speak to a very nice receptionist, who makes an appointment for a very pleasant, smartly-dressed salesperson to come round and see you. Here are some answers you should expect to get from them before they leave your home:

  • After signing on the dotted line, will you ever see that salesperson again?
  • If not them, then who takes responsibility for keeping you fully up-to-date about the progress of your loft conversion? Demand to meet this individual, BEFORE you sign anything.
  • Demand to see printed copies of the qualifications of everyone involved in your loft conversion.
  • Demand to know exactly who will be involved in the project and potentially coming in and out of your home every day.
  • Ask to see a copy of the contract you will be expected to sign, and insist that it is left with you to consider for at least 24 hours before you sign anything. If a contract is good today, it will still be good tomorrow.
  • Expect to be given clear explanations of anything you don’t understand.
  • Don’t get fooled by special ‘limited time’ offers. Read the small print.
  • Demand to see up-to-date copies of the insurances held by the company, especially their Public Liability insurance.
  • Demand to see up-to-date referrals from the clients of at least four or five recently-completed jobs. If there are any gaps in the record, demand to know why — are they hiding something?
  • You should expect professional conduct at all times from the team working on your project. They should respect your premises and endeavour to cause the least possible disturbance to you and your neighbours.
  • Expect to have your project prioritised for the duration of the job. You’re spending hard-earned cash, so builders wandering off to work on other jobs whilst keeping you waiting is unacceptable. If there is an unavoidable delay on your project, a professional company would keep you fully informed at all times and come to an agreed arrangement with you.
  • And if the salesperson can’t answer all these points to your satisfaction, then what on earth are they doing there?

At All Loft Conversions, we take great pride in ensuring that we meet all these criteria — and more. We don’t send round a flashy rep: you get to meet ME, Steven Johnson! If there’s anything at all you’re not sure about or that makes you feel uncomfortable, just tell me, and I’ll do everything I can to make sure that you’re happy with every aspect of your loft conversion project.

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