Recent loft conversion projects

Below you will find the ten most recently completed loft conversions in chronological order, along with customer testimonials. Nothing has been omitted or hidden. These clients have given their consent to be contacted as referees concerning our work standards and practices. A list of their contact details will be provided with your free feasibility study and estimate.

Mr & Mrs Wilson

Loft Conversion in Brighton BN2

Full length rear dormer, double bedroom with shower room

Completed October 2020

“Getting Steve and his team to do our loft conversion has been one of the best decisions we have
ever made. It’s a big job and a lot of money getting your loft converted – but I can honestly say that
the whole thing just feels like money well spent and we cannot wait to use our new rooms.
We’ve had work done in the past and it has felt like a lottery in the morning about who would turn
up and even if they would at all. Our experience with All Loft Conversions could not have been more
different. For such a big project it has felt relatively stress free, and a large part of this is down to the
fact that it is Steve on the job every single day, on site at 8am. Every idea and plan is run though him,
so nothing gets lost or confused.”

Louis & Leonie

Mr & Mrs Yates

Loft Conversion in Brighton BN2

Hip to gable and rear dormer, two bedrooms and shower room

Completed June 2020

“Having lived in Brighton for the last 20 years and hearing so many horror stories of some the larger companies working on several projects at the same time, and tending to send different workmen every day and then blaming the previous workmen for any faults that occurred, we decided that we needed someone who only worked on one project at a time, would be there everyday and follow the build from start to completion. After spending some time looking on the internet, Steve’s name came up complete with references and pictures from not one or two but all of his latest clients – all willing to vouch for him, so we decided to invite him round to have a chat and ask for any ideas and a quote. Undoubtedly the best decision we ever made!”

Philip & Marcia

Mr & Mrs Johnston

Loft Conversion in Hove BN3

Full length rear dormer, one bedroom and shower room

Completed December 2019

“We wanted to finish renovations to our house with the loft extension before the arrival of our second baby, so we wanted to get it right. After extensively researching, we decided on three companies to quote for us – All Loft Conversions being one of them. After meeting Steven, who was the second of our quotes, we knew straight away that we wanted to go with him. We really appreciated Steven’s down-to-earth transparency and calmness in explaining how it all works in a very simplistic way. There were no gimmicks, just obvious years of experience shining through…along with a good sense of humour. It made us very confident that we would be comfortable working with him…as well as his team, who we felt like we knew before the work even started due to his stories about what their roles will be. It was clear that Steven has been working with the chaps in his team for years and years – this was confirmed on a day-to-day basis listening to the banter between Steven and Jez! We were also reassured that we would be his priority once work had started, due to the fact All Loft Conversions only do one job at a time. This was a huge selling point – on top of Steven’s genuine sincerity!“

Rob & Vikki

Mr & Mrs Watson

Loft Conversion in Brighton BN1

Full length rear dormer, one bedroom and shower room

Completed August 2019

“We loved how you lay out exactly what to expect from the whole project along with the testimonials right from the very first meeting. This approach continued right the way through the project to completion too. It was so helpful to have the advice given to us on the various decisions regarding layout and spacing of the loft and en–suite – including mocking up the bathroom suite! A lot of thought went into the en–suite in particular to get the proportions right and we are extremely pleased with the layout and the space we have there.

We found the pricing to be very good value for the level of work carried out and we found the payment plan outlined at the start extremely clear which was very helpful for us in managing our funds and payments to you.”

Dave & Lucy

Mr & Mrs Perkins

Loft Conversion in Hove BN3

Hip to gable conversion with rear dormer, two bedrooms and shower room

Completed May 2019

“Steven and his team carried out an extensive hip to gable conversion lasting approximately 12 weeks beginning in mid February 2019. The work involved a large dormer to the rear and fitting velux windows to the front.

We found Steve a pleasure to have around. Both he and Jez were always polite, tidy and considerate and were always thinking a step ahead which made managing our day to day lives with three small children far easier than it could have been. In fact, we were barely disturbed until the point of breaking through for the new staircase around week 8.

Steve always encouraged us to be involved with the progress and to climb the scaffold to see the conversion taking shape. Both he and Jez are highly skilled carpenters and also very effective problem solvers – any issues that could be dealt with without cost or design implications were taken on by them with no fuss and where possible Steve even made necessary alterations without additional cost to us.”

Joe & Natalia

Mr & Mrs Hulse

Loft Conversion in Patcham BN1

Roof window conversion, bedroom with shower room

Completed February 2019

“There was impressive attention to detail. Our loft had its challenges and you dealt with the difficulties calmly and skilfully. You were ready with advice when needed and helped us adjust the bathroom resulting in a much better use of space. You and Jez fitted the velux windows in a way which maximises visual impact of the light. It looks amazing.

We had complete faith in you, and your teams work. The whole team where a pleasure to have around. No surprises, and always cheerful and positive.”

Claire & Paul

Mr & Mrs Mode

Loft Conversion in Balcombe RH17

Roof window conversion, two bedrooms with shower room

Completed October 2018

“We recently had the pleasure of completing our loft conversion with All Loft Conversions. This is the latest in a number of building projects we have undertaken in the past few years and the experience has without a doubt surpassed all others.

When providing an estimate for the work Steve took the time to demonstrate his qualifications, profile recent projects and show the feedback from satisfied customers. He explained his approach to working and his focus on managing each build from start to finish before moving on to the next client. This gave us confidence in selecting All Loft Conversions to proceed with the work.”

Matthew & Lorna

Mr & Mrs Whytock

Loft Conversion in Brighton BN2

Roof window conversion, double bedroom with en-suite

Completed June 2018

“From our first meeting with you there was great communication and the project plan, timing, costs and payment schedule were all very clear. Throughout the process there was minimal disruption (dust/dirt) to our home due to your care and consideration. We were constantly reassured by your regular progress updates. We really appreciated your recommendations and advice on some changes to the initial designs that resulted in a better outcome and saved us some cash”

Alan & Lorna

Mr & Mrs Dawson

Loft Conversion in Hove BN3

Full length rear dormer, double bedroom with en-suite and dressing room

Completed March 2018

“It has been a very enjoyable journey and at no stage did we feel like it was a hindrance and that is entirely down to the way you run your business. From the first consultation with yourself, it was clear to me that you have a level of experience and expertise that is second to none.

Next came the first day when yourself and Jez were promptly on site by 07:30 ready for an 08:00 start, this proved to be the case without fail for the whole project (Even when it snowed!) Work quickly started to get done and I really appreciated being invited up each day to be shown the progress being made but also (and more importantly) to be consulted on any decisions where you felt it was required.
As the work progressed we were also excited to meet the different people that worked with you and it gave us a high level of assurance that all the work being completed would be to the same exceptional standard. We would really like to extend our thanks to Leon (Electrics), Malcolm (Plumbing), Paul (Roofing) and Nick (Plastering) for their part on our project”

James & Natalie

Mr & Mrs Gatting

Loft Conversion in Hove BN3

Roof window conversion, double bedroom with en-suite & dressing room

Completed December 2017

“Steve has just completed our loft conversion and created a beautiful bedroom, bathroom and walk-in wardrobe together with his fantastic team of Jez, Malcolm, Leon and Nick. I cannot compliment this team enough; their work is amazing they are all exceptional craftsmen in their own right.

Thank you all for the amazing job you have done and I could not recommend All Loft Conversions and your team highly enough. You really are the BEST.”

Joy & Steve

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